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As a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist I believe it is vital to take a holistic approach to health care.

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What our clients say about us

Daniela Viola has been our family Naturopath for the past six years and has helped us with everything from Adolescent eating problems, allergies and general family health. After spending five months in hospital Daniela was so helpful in my recovery, overall health & intestinal balance. We have all benefited greatly from Daniela’s care, warmth & wealth of knowledge.

Andrew & Family

Daniela is the pick of the bunch, the type of Naturopath that other Naturopaths recommend... she is simply incomparable. I have seen Daniela for a variety of issues over the years from fertility to digestion to burn-out. Her smart, practical, no-fuss, warm approach combined with over a decade of experience, is exactly why I keep going back.


I can honestly say that if it wasn't for Daniela I would still be trying to work out what was going wrong for me - and would still be lying on my lounge, constantly tired and struggling to participate in life. I had had numerous tests, scans etc but it was not until I visited Daniela that I was able to get a definitive answer. Daniela constantly goes above and beyond what is necessary to make sure that her clients are looked after. I am eternally grateful for what she has done and continues to do for me.


My daughter and I are both Coeliac and although we adhere to a strict gluten free diet we both were not feeling fabulous. Daniela has given me the knowledge and tools to get our bodies back on track and start the healing process. I have also gained knowledge in many underlying factors and genetic predispositions that play a large role in achieving optimum health for Coeliacs. As a mum I feel empowered to handle the families health with natural alternatives, thanks to Daniela.


I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2003 and have struggled to come to terms with the diagnosis and significant impact this has had on my life. Fortunate I met Daniela in 2011 who has a great understanding of MS and a passion to help people such as myself.  Through her invaluable naturopath and nutritional skills, Daniela has made a considerable difference in helping me to best achieve the daily challenges I face, maintain my disability as status quo or better, enhance my diet, general health, performance and therefore enrich my life.


Daniela’s extensive knowledge in fertility care, nutritional medicine and her holistic approach to health and traditional practices has played an integral part in assisting with two successful IVF cycles and my overall wellbeing. I am now blessed with two beautiful sons. Daniela’s professional manner, kind nature and best interest for her clients is a true testament to always ensuring optimum health and best results for her patients.


I have been Daniela's patient for over 4 years.  She has worked hard to keep me sane through, at times, very challenging peri menopause.  Seriously, Daniela has made it possible for me to function day to day.  She is compassionate and direct, supportive and encouraging.  I recommend her to any woman who will listen and wants to be relieved of many of the difficulties of peri menopause!


Daniela's commitment, compassion and understanding is without comparison and as a family we are extremely grateful for all that she does for us in helping to fulfil our goal of optimal health and with the constant changes that a young growing family brings, she has always set us on the right path. We feel very blessed that we found her!

After having experienced a number of unsuccessful embryo transfers via IVF, I credit Daniela's knowledge and advice, coupled with acupuncture for the arrival of our much wanted second baby.  The difference diet considerations and appropriate supplements has had on my health and well-being has made me an advocate for naturopathy.

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